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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pope Francis talks with Evangelical Christian pastor Giovanni Traettino during a private visit in the Evangelical church of Reconciliation in Caserta, Southern Italy, Monday, July 28, 2014. | ASSOCIATED PRESS

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Francis has become the first pope to visit a Pentecostal church, pressing his outreach to evangelicals who represent Catholicism's greatest competition for Christian souls around the globe.

Francis flew by helicopter Monday to visit the under-construction Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation in the southern city of Caserta. He met privately with a Pentecostal preacher who is an old friend, Giovanni Traettino.

Speaking to some 350 Pentecostal faithful in the church, Francis apologized for Catholic persecution of Pentecostals during Italy's fascist regime and stressed that there was unity in diversity within Christianity.

He acknowledged the remarkable nature of his visit, saying: "Someone will be surprised: 'The pope went to visit the evangelicals?' But he went to see his brothers."

Francis has met unofficially with several Pentecostal and evangelical preachers recently.


Taarifa kwa Vyombo vya habari : Kusitishwa kwa ajira za Konstebo na Koplo wa Uhamiaji

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Windows 8 Died at Launch, Microsoft Moves on to Windows 9

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Microsoft attempted something different and daring with Windows 8. It introduced a whole new interface and means of interaction with your PC that was identical to a smartphone or tablet. It threw out the “Start” menu and mouse-driven interface people had used for decades in favor of a touch-driven interface with tiles, some of which received active information updates.

And people hated it.

“They tried to get their entire audience to jump from a UI [user interface] they were comfortable with to a brand new one with a serious learning curve,” California-based Creative Strategies tech analyst and president Tim Bajarin said. “Had they done a more transitionary product, especially keeping the Start button, I don’t think the impact and perception would have been as bad.”

By removing the Start button, which had been a Windows fixture since Windows 95, Microsoft wasn’t just introducing a new way of using the operating system — it was trying to force people away from the only one they had known for two decades.

The result was that Windows 8 was slaughtered in the court of public opinion, often compared to the much-maligned Windows Vista released in 2006. It was an incorrect comparison; Vista was a technological hairball, a truly awful piece of software that often failed when people tried to install it on their PCs.

Windows 8 was technically sound. No one complained of crashing, slow performance or old apps not working on it. People noted it was actually a tad faster than Windows 7, they just hated how it looked. The result was slow sales for Windows 8, but Windows 7, the OS it was supposed to replace, kept selling like hotcakes.

“Its distinguishing feature was support for touchscreens but also legacy applications,” Endpoint Technologies President Roger Kay said. Endpoint is a Boston-based market research firm. “It ended up being a Frankenstein. So the good parts, like being a little faster and more reliable and more secure were almost totally invisible to the end user. So you could tell people it was faster and more reliable and they said ‘I don’t know how to use it.’”

Kay said the beating Windows 8 took in the tech press hurt, but users also hated it. Microsoft released a public beta for anyone to download and use on February 29, 2012, and released the product in October, 2012. During that time, in all the public Windows forums, “consumers were gnashing their teeth and stomping their feet about it. It was vilified in public forums,” Kay said.

The old guard who came up with Windows 8 and refused to listen to beta testers are gone and Microsoft has more or less given up trying to rescue its slandered OS. There will be another significant update to Windows 8.1 (called Update 2) later this year. After that, the new management are focusing their efforts on Windows 9.

Windows 9, which Microsoft internally calls “Threshold,” should ship around the second quarter of 2015. It will put the Windows 8 interface on the back burner but not throw it out, since applications written for Windows 8 would be broken. The familiar desktop with the Start button will be back.

Bajarin expects Windows 9 will return all of the familiar elements of Windows 7 and prior operating systems, with the new UI relegated to the back burner while new features are added to bring people forward.

“I don’t think it will be radical at all,” Bajarin said. ”I think they will make it easier to work with user interfaces of the past and provide better transition for those with older operating systems to come into this era.”

That could include tighter cloud services integration. One feature widely rumored but not confirmed by Microsoft is that it will offer seamless, tight cloud integration into the OS. Your OneDrive storage will be as easy to access as the “C: drive,” so all of your documents, personal files, photos, etc. will go right to the cloud without having to think about it.

Apps might also be potentially stored in the cloud as well. Say you log on to another Windows 9 PC using your login and password –not only will your data files be accessible from your cloud storage, but also the apps you use.

Kay expects more cloud-oriented features as well.

“It would be good to move to a cloud-oriented OS to do updates more frequently and keep the OS alive,” Kay said. “That way you would check in to the cloud at login but run locally, so you could work anywhere.”

He also doesn’t expect Windows 9 to be a major departure from the operating systems of old.

“You’d expect them to do more in order to justify all of the effort of creating a new OS other than fixing the old one. There will be a lot of it will be bells and whistles, but a lot of that stuff tends to fall into Who-Cares? territory,” Kay said.

Another rumored addition to Windows 9 is Cortana — the digital voice assistant currently being rolled out to Windows Phone users. Cortana is like the iPhone’s Siri: ask it a question and it fetches the proper contextual answer. Microsoft has made comments in recent weeks about bringing Cortana to Windows PCs, and Windows 9 would be the most logical candidate to get its own answer to J.A.R.V.I.S.

At this point, it’s all speculation, but one thing is for certain: Microsoft needs to get Windows 9 right. Kay noted that Microsoft has had only one good operating system in its last three releases over the last eight years. Windows 7 (2009) was good, while Vista (2006) and Windows 8 (2012) were bad.

“Those are not good odds for software. Maybe for blackjack, but not operating systems. I would love for [Windows 9] to work great and do the right thing, but they are one for three in recent releases. So I’m a bit cynical,” Kay said.

The Daily Caller

Eid Mubarak

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The beautiful thing about prayer is standing next to each other, 
where your money, race or name doesn’t matter. 
The way you’ll meet Allah.

"Eid Mubarak"

Monday, 28 July 2014

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's vice PM, kills at least three

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Soldiers deployed in Dabanga, northern Cameroon, as part of a reinforcement of military forces against Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram. 

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - Nigerian Boko Haram militants kidnapped the wife of Cameroon's vice prime minister and killed at least three people on Sunday in a cross-border attack involving more than 200 assailants in the northern town of Kolofata, Cameroon officials said.

A local religious leader, or lamido, named Seini Boukar Lamine, who is also the town's mayor, and five members of his family were also kidnapped in a separate attack on his home.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Boko Haram, an Islamist group which made international headlines with the abduction of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls in April, has stepped up cross-border attacks into Cameroon in recent weeks. Cameroon has deployed troops to its northern region, joining international efforts to combat the militants.

"I can confirm that the home of Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali in Kolofata came under a savage attack from Boko Haram militants," government spokesman Issa Tchiroma, who is also communications minister, told Reuters by telephone.

"They unfortunately took away his wife. They also attacked the Lamido's residence and he was also kidnapped," he said, adding that at least three people were killed in the attack.


Tchiroma told a press conference later on Sunday that the Cameroonian army had taken the town of Kolofata back under control after repulsing the militants, who he said had used "brutal and unqualified violence".

"We do not have all the facts in order to give full information on the exact circumstances and the victim toll of this attack," Tchiroma said on state television.

A Cameroon military commander in the region told Reuters security officials had taken the vice prime minister away to a neighboring town. He had been at home to celebrate the Muslim feast of Ramadan with his family when the attack happened.

The Sunday attack is the third Boko Haram attack in Cameroon since Friday. At least four soldiers were killed in the two previous attacks.

On Friday, some 22 suspected Boko Haram militants who had been held in Cameroon's northern hub of Maroua since March were sentenced to prison sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years. It was not immediately clear whether the attacks were related to the sentencing of the militants.

Boko Haram have killed hundreds of people this year, mostly in northeastern Nigeria, although they have bombed places across the country.

The group rejects Western-style education and is trying to carve out a de facto Islamic state in northern Nigeria. On Sunday, a bomb attack on a Catholic church in northern Nigeria's main city of Kano killed five people and wounded eight, a senior police officer said. Christian churches have been a favorite target for the militants.

The attacker threw the bomb at worshippers on their way out of the church, police commissioner Adenrele Shinaba told Reuters. Police cordoned off the scene.

In a separate incident, a female suicide bomber tried to attack police officers on the streets. She killed herself but only wounded two of the officers, Shinaba said.

(Additional reporting by Bate Felix in Dakar, Tim Cocks in Lagos and Nneluke Ikemfuna in Kano; Editing by Gareth Jones)

Reuters By By Tansa Musa
Photograph: Reinnier Kaze/AFP/Getty Images

Taharuki ya mabomu yatanda

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Ujumbe mfupi wa maneno unaosambazwa kupitia simu za mkononi kuhusu kuwapo kwa mabomu yaliyorushwa kutoka nchi jirani ya Malawi na Rwanda, umezua taharuki.

Kwa mujibu wa ujumbe huo, wananchi wametahadharishwa kuwepo kwa mabomu zaidi ya 30 yaliyorushwa kutoka nchi hizo.

Ujumbe huo unasomeka "Habari zilizotufikia hivi punde. Mtazania yeyote: kaa makini usiokote kitu chochote ambacho una mashaka nacho, kuna bomu zimerushwa toka nchi jirani Malawi/Rwanda zaidi ya 30 zenye uzito usiopungua tani 100 hivyo basi uonapo kitu kipo kama chupa ya chai chenye rangi ya fedha ‘usikiguse ‘piga namba 0756000042. 

Ujumbe huo unaendelea kusomeka "SMS hii tuma kwa watu uwezavyo: imetolewa na JWTZ/ LSL5CAMRM: asante. Jambo hili usilichukulie utani.

Baada ya wananchi kadhaa kupiga simu na NIPASHE kuupata ujumbe huo, iliwasiliana na Jeshi la Wananchi Tanzania (JWTZ) ili kupata ukweli wa ujumbe huo.

Msemaji wa Jeshi hilo, Luteni Kanali Erick Komba, alikanusha uvumi huo na kuwataka wananchi kuondoa hofu ya kuwapo kwa hali hiyo.

Alisema ujumbe huo hauna ukweli wowote na kuwataka kuendelea na shughuli zao kama kawaida kwa kupuuza uvumi huo.

“Mwaka jana tulikanusha suala hilo mara tatu na mwaka huu tumefanya hivyo mara mbili lakini bado ujumbe huo unaendelea kusambazwa, kikubwa wananchi waupatapo waupuuze hauna ukweli,” alisema.

Luteni Kanali Komba aliwataka wananchi wanaopata ujumbe huo kuupuza kwa kuufuta badala ya kuwasambazia watu wengine.

Hofu hiyo inatokana na matukio kadhaa ya milipuko ya mabomu visiwani Zanzibar na Arusha.

Wakazi wa miji hiyo ambayo ni ya kitalii ilishuhudia mabomu yakilipuka kwenye ufunguzi wa Kanisa Katoliki la Mtakatifu Yosefu Olasiti mwaka jana, wakati mwezi huu mgahawa wa Vama ulisambaratishwa na watu wanane kujeruhiwa.

Ujumbe huo pia huenda umehusisha mgogoro wa mpaka kati ya Malawi na Tanzania, unaoendelea kufukuta.  

Kadhalika chochoko za maneno baina ya Rwanda na Tanzania kuhusu waasi wa  Intrahamwe wa kundi la FDRL huenda pia ikawa chanzo cha ujumbe huo kuzitaja nchi hizo kurusha mabomu hayo.


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Serikali yaifungia Hospitali ya IMTU

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Taarifa zilizotolewa ya Televisheni ya Taifa (TBC1) imesema kuwa Serikali imeifungia hospitali na Chuo cha Kimataifa cha Utabibu na Teknolojia ya Tiba (IMTU) ya jiijni Dar es Salaam kwa muda usiojulikana.

Hatua hiyo inafuatia ripoti ya Wizara ya Afya na Ustawi wa Jamii baada ya kufanya ukaguzi wa kushitukiza katika hospitali hiyo, na kubaini kuwa huduma zinazotolewa na hospitali hiyo zipo chini ya viwango na maadili ya utoaji matibabu hapa nchini.

Akitoa ripoti ya ukaguzi kwa uongozi wa hospitali hiyo, Mganga Mkuu wa Manispaa ya Kinondoni Dk Gunini Kamba, amesema ukaguzi wao umebaini hospitali ya IMTU ina upungufu wa vitendea kazi ikiwemo kifaa cha kuchoma taka ngumu. Mapungufu mengine ni pamoja na kutokuwa na wauguzi wa kutosha, kuchanganya dawa (zilizokwisha na zisizoisha muda wa matumizi) na wauguzi kufanya kazi zisizowapasa.

"Baada ya kufanya ukaguzi wa kushitukiza tumebaini kuwepo kwa mapungufu haya, kwa hiyo tunaifungia hospitali hii mpaka pale watakaporekebisha," alisema Dk Kamba.

Kwa upande wake, Mkurugenzi wa Hospitali ya IMTU, Prof. Yasini Mgonda, amekiri kuwepo mapungufu katika Hospitali hiyo na kuahidi kufanyia kazi na kuiomba Manispaa na Wizara ya Afya kurejea adhabu hiyo.

IMTU hivi karibuni imehusishwa na tukio la utupaji wa viungo vya binadamu vilivyotumika kwa mafunzo (cadaver) mithili ya takataka .

Taarifa ya Mh.DR CHAMI kuhusu kifo cha Mfanyakazi wake wa ndani

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Mimi Dr Cyril August Chami, Mbunge wa Moshi Vijijini (CCM) napenda kueleza masikitiko yangu kwa taarifa za uzushi na za kutunga kuwa eti mke wangu asiye na jina amemuua mfanyakazi wetu Mwislamu kwa sababu "marehemu" alikataa kwenda kanisani.

Mimi sina mfanyakazi wa jina hilo la Mariamu. Wala sina mfanyakazi mwenye umri wa miaka 16. Hatuna tatizo lolote la mfanyakazi yeyote kupigwa, achilia mbali kuuawa.

Lakini taarifa hizo ambazo ni za uongo mtupu zimewashtua wengi kwa sababu zimejengwa katika misingi ya chuki za kidini. Mwandishi alilenga kuifanya jamii iamini kwamba mke wangu ambaye ni Mkristo anawalazimisha wafanyakazi wetu wasio Wakristu waikane dini yao na kuwa Wakristo. Alilenga kuibua chuki dhidi ya Waislamu na familia yangu. 

Kwa hakika, mikakati hii ya kuichafua familia yangu inasababishwa na harakati za ubunge Moshi Vijijini 2015. Wapinzani wangu wanajua wazi kuwa hawana hoja ya msingi ya kuwafanya wapiga kura wasinirudishe kwenye nafasi ya ubunge. Kwenye jukwaa na hata kwenye medani ya maendeleo wanakwama. Kwa mfano, kabla ya barabara za lami kuanza kujengwa walisema mimi sina ushawishi wa kuifanya Serikali kuzijenga. Sasa zimejengwa na zinaendelea kujengwa wanajenga hoja kuwa sihusiki wala Serikali ya CCM haihusiki, bali ni Benki ya Dunia inajenga!!! Wananchi wanawauliza kwani kabla ya Dr Chami kuwa mbunge Benki ya Dunia haikuwepo? Wanakosa hoja! Hivyo hivyo kwa mashule, maji, vyuo vya ufundi nk.

Kwa hiyo kwa upeo wao wanaona silaha pekee waliyo nayo ni kuzua kashfa dhidi yangu. Miezi michache iliyopita walizua nimeuza shamba la KNCU kwa shilingi bilioni 4 wakati mimi sina wadhifa wowote KNCU. Eti nimeuza nyumba mbili za Coffee Curing Moshi wakati mimi sina wadhifa wowote Coffee Curing.

Walipoona tuhuma hizo za kutunga hazijakubalika masikioni mwa wapiga kura wa Moshi Vijijini, sasa wamezua hili la mke wangu kuua ili Waislamu wa Moshi Vijijini wanione mtu nisiyefaa.

Sasa mimi napenda kuwauliza maswali haya:

Huyo mke wangu muuaji anaitwa nani? Inaingia akilini kweli kwamba mke huyo muuaji hafahamiki jina kwa hao "majirani" wetu wa kufikirika?

Binti Mariamu kauawa mji upi? Kwa nini majirani hao wenye uchungu hawajatoa taarifa kwa RPC wa mkoa au kanda husika?

Maiti kahifadhiwa hospitali ipi? Au "mke" wangu amekaa naye ndani baada ya kumuua na majirani wamekaa kimya tu?

Kwa desturi za dini ya Kiislamu binti huyo angeshazikwa sasa maana kwa mujibu wa habari hiyo ya kizushi, "aliuawa" usiku wa kuamkia jana. Je, kazikwa makaburi yapi na yako mji gani? Nani kahudhuria hayo mazishi? Kwa nini vyombo vya habari visituonyeshe hayo mazishi?

Kwa nini RPC mhusika asimkamate huyo mke wa mbunge fedhuli namna hiyo na muuaji asiyevumilika?

Kwa nini polisi hawajaniita mimi Dr Chami kunihoji kuhusu huyo "mke" wangu? Si wanajua niko jimboni Moshi Vijijini na RPC Boaz wa Kilimanjaro anafahamu niko jimboni, tena jana nimeutembelea msikiti mmoja kwa minajili ya kuutafutia umeme na maji? 

Sote tunafahamu kuwa kuna mkuu mmoja wa mkoa alimuua mtu kwa kumpiga risasi na alikamatwa akapelekwa mahabusu. Huyo mke wa Dr Chami ni maarufu kuliko Mkuu wa Mkoa? Kwa nini asikamatwe tuione sura yake magazetini?

Majibu ya maswali haya HAYAPO kwa sababu kila kitu kimetungwa kwa kujenga chuki tu. Hakuna Mariamu, hakuna kipigo, hakuna kifo. Ila kuna UBUNGE WA MOSHI VIJIJINI. Ndio unaopiganiwa, hamna kingine. 

Napenda kuwaasa wanasiasa wenzangu kuwa Watanzania wa leo si wa jana. Si jambo rahisi kuwaghilibu kwa staili hii. Waende kwa wananchi wachape kazi. Wasipofanya hayo wakadhani uongo wa mitandao utawapa ubunge watashangazwa mwaka kesho 2015.

Mimi naendelea kuwaahidi wapiga kura wangu utumishi wa dhati. Nawapa pole ndugu zangu wa Kiislamu kwa usumbufu walioupata. Waislamu wa Moshi Vijijini wananifahamu kama kiongozi nisiyewabagua kwa sababu ya dini yao. Wanafahamu kuwa nawapenda na nafahamu kuwa wananipenda sana. Ndiyo maana wengi wamejiuliza iweje tena mke wangu amwage damu ya Mwislamu kwa sababu iliyotajwa. Naendelea kuwaahidi Waislamu wote upendo na ushirikiano siku zangu zote za kuwatumikia.


Dr Chami

Marekani yafunga ubalozi Libya

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Marekani imefunga ubalozi wake wa Libya kwa muda na wafanyakazi wake wote wamehamishiwa nchi jirani, Tunisia.
Walipelekwa huko kwa magari huku wakilindwa na ndege za Marekani.

Wizara ya mashauri ya nchi za nje ya Marekani piya imewasihi raia wote wa Marekani waondoke nchini humo.
Jengo la ubalozi wa Marekani mjini Tripoli liko katika eneo ambalo limeathirika na mapambano kati ya makundi ya wapiganaji yanayozozana, ambayo yamekuwa yakigombania kudhibiti uwanja wa ndege wa kimataifa wa Libya.
Waziri wa mashauri ya nchi za nje, John Kerry, alisema kulikuwa na hatari hasa ikiwakabili wafanyakazi wa ubalozi huo, lakini alisisitiza kuwa shughuli za ubalozi zinasimamishwa kwa muda tu.
Miaka miwili iliyopita balozi wa Marekani aliuwawa pale ofisi ndogo ya ubalozi wa Marekani katika mji wa Benghazi, mashariki mwa Libya, iliposhambuliwa na wapiganaji Waislamu.

Chanzo - BBC Swahili

Butiku ataja makosa mchakato Katiba Mpya

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Dar es Salaam. Mwenyekiti wa Taasisi ya Mwalimu Nyerere, Joseph Butiku (pichani) amesema kuwa mchakato wa Mabadiliko ya Katiba umefikia ulipo sasa, kutokana na makosa matatu makubwa yaliyofanywa na vyama vya siasa.

Kutokana na hali hiyo, kiongozi huyo aliwataka viongozi wakuu wa Serikali na wale wa vyama vya siasa nchini, wasikubali kushindwa kukamilisha mchakato huo.

Akizungumza kwenye Mahojiano Maalumu na gazeti hili yaliyofanyika wiki iliyopita jijini Dar es Salaam, Butiku aliyekuwa pia Mjumbe wa Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba, alisema kuwa bado hakuna sababu ya msingi ya kushindwa kukamilisha mchakato huo.

“Pamoja na yote yaliyotokea, sisi kama taifa, hasa viongozi wakuu wa taifa katika Serikali na vyama, tusishindwe kuandaa Katiba Mpya. Hatuna sababu ya msingi ya kushindwa,” alisema Butiku.

Kauli hiyo ya Butiku imekuja huku zikiwa zimesalia takriban siku 10 kabla ya Mkutano wa Pili wa Bunge Maalumu la Katiba, unaotarajiwa kuanza Agosti 5 mjini Dodoma.

Makosa matatu -Mwanasiasa huyo mkongwe nchini alisema kuwa kuna makosa matatu ya msingi yaliyofanyika katika mchakato huo wa Katiba Mpya ulio kwenye hatua ya Bunge Maalumu la Katiba.

Aliyataja makosa hayo akisema: “Kosa la msingi na ambalo halisameheki ni kule kuacha mwongozo wa sheria, watu na makundi wakashughulika tu walivyoona wao nje ya mfumo wa sheria. Hilo ndilo kosa kubwa, linaambatana na mengi; Nyerere alisema ukitenda dhambi ya msingi kama kula nyama ya mtu unaendelea nayo.”

Alilifafanua: “Lingine ni kuanza utaratibu wa kubadili taratibu na kanuni zinazotakiwa zizingatie sheria. Mkishafanya hivyo, maana yake kuna mtu anafanya anavyotaka.

Ni muhimu sasa turejee kwenye sheria; mkirejea huko hakuna haja ya kubishana kwa kura ya ndiyo au hapana. Sheria inasema Katiba Mpya itapatikana baada ya Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba kuwasilisha Rasimu ya Pili ya Katiba bungeni na hakuna nyingine.”

Butiku aliongeza: “Ni muhimu sheria ingezingatiwa na hakuna haja kwa vyama vya siasa kwenda katika Bunge la Katiba na rasimu zao kwapani, zikiwa zimefichwa;…huwezi kuwa na maoni nje ya rasimu, yasiyozingatia rasimu iliyowasilishwa.”

Habari na Exuper Kachenje
Chanzo -  Mwananchi

Mourinho : Drogba ni Chelsea damu.

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Kocha wa Chelsea Jose Mourinho amesema kuwa Mshambulizi wa galatasaray ya Uturuki Didier Drogba ni Mchelsea damu .
Mshambulizi huyo wa Ivory Coast mwenye umri wa miaka 36 aliwahi kushinda mataji 10 akiwa stamford Bridge kuanzia mwaka wa 2004-2012 kabla ya kuguria Galatasaray.

Mourinho alidhibitisha kuwa The Blues inatafakari kurejea kwake Uingereza na kuwa anatumai uhamisho huo utatekelezwa bila hisia kali .
"Nikifaulu kumrejesha Uingereza jambo ambalo natumai litafanyika kwa haraka ,itakuwa kwa sababu ya uwezo wake mkubwa wa kuimarisha kikosi na timu kwa jumla''.
Drogba, alijiunga na Chelsea mwaka wa 2004 akitokea Marseille katika uhamisho ulioigharimu klabu hiyo pauni milioni £24.
Wakati huo aliiongoza Chelsea kutwaa mataji matatu ya ligi kuu ya Uingereza mataji 4 ya FA , mataji mawili madogo ya ligi mbali na ubingwa wa bara Ulaya .

Aliondoka Stamford Bridge mwaka wa 2012 baada ya kutinga penalti iliyoisaidia klabu hiyo kutwaa kombe la mabingwa barani Ulaya dhidi ya Bayern Munich .
Drogba aliwahi kuichezea klabu ya China Shanghai Shenhua, kabla ya kuijunga na Galatasaray January 2013.

Chanzo - BBC Swahili

Friday, 25 July 2014

Gesi Mtwara kero kwa wavuvi

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Utafutaji wa mafuta katika kina kirefu cha bahari mkoani Mtwara bado unaendelea licha ya baadhi ya makampuni kuendelea kubaini gesi badala ya mafuta.

Katika zoezi hilo la utafutaji wa mafuta mpaka sasa makampuni manne yanafanya utafiti katika kina kirefu cha bahari; makampuni hayo ni BG, StatOil, Petroblass na Ophir.

Kwa mujibu wa msemaji wa kampuni ya StatOil Tanzania, Erick Mchome, kampuni yao ilipewa leseni ya kutafuta mafuta na gesi mwaka 2012.

Alisema katika shughuli nzima ya utafutaji mafuta, kampuni hiyo imepata gesi asilia yenye ukubwa wa TCF 17-21 trilioni mita za ujazo katika visima vitano ambavyo mpaka sasa inavifanyia kazi.

Mchome anasema utafiti bado unaendelea, lakini hadi sasa bado hawajaona dalili zozote za kuwepo kwa mafuta.

Naye msemaji wa kampuni ya BG, Fred Kibodya anasema wanafanya utafiti wa gesi kwa kuwa leseni yao inawaruhusu kufanya utafiti wa gesi.

“Sisi tulipewa leseni ya kutafuta gesi na ndicho tunachokifanya. Ila ikitokea tumebaini mafuta, basi tutaiambia Serikali kwamba tumegundua mafuta,” anasema Kibodya.

Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Mafuta, Shirika la Maendeleo ya Petroli Tanzania (TPDC), Modestus Lumato anasema utafutaji wa mafuta katika eneo la kina kirefu cha bahari mkoani Mtwara ulianza mwaka 2010, na hadi sasa bado hawajabaini mafuta.

Kampuni zilizopewa leseni za utafutaji mafuta katika kina hicho kirefu cha bahari ni Bg, StatOil, Petroblass na Ophir.

Na kwamba kati ya kampuni hizo, Bg, Petroblass na Ophir zimetoka nchini Uingereza na StatOil imetokea nchini Norway. Kuhusu suala la elimu kwa wananchi, anasema wanaendelea kuwaelimisha ili waweze kufahamu nini kinachoendelea katika eneo hilo ili wananchi waweze kujipanga kutokana na fursa zitakazopatikana.

“Wataalamu tunao katika elimu ya miamba, kuendeleza utafutaji wa mafuta na gesi, wahandisi, wanasheria, wahasibu/wakaguzi, ili kubaini uhakika wa gharama za utafutaji na uzalishaji na taarifa.

Utafutaji mafuta waumiza wavuvi
Hata hivyo, utafutaji wa mafuta katika kata ya Msangamkuu inayojumuisha vijiji vya Msangamkuu, Namela, Sinde, Mkubilu, Mnete na Naringu unakwaza shughuli za uvuvi kwa wananchi wanaokadiriwa 4,000.

Juma Salim ambaye ni mvuvi anasema wameathirika na utafiti huo kwani eneo ambalo lina meli zinazofanya utafiti wa mafuta ndilo lenye samaki wengi.

“Hizi meli zinafanya kazi hadi usiku, na sisi tunavua katika eneo letu hadi nyakati hizo. Sasa tuliambiawa tusogee mbali, ili tuzipishe meli hizo, nasi tumefanya hivyo,” anasema Salim.

“Waliahidi kutununulia taa kwa ajili ya kuonyesha ishara au alama kuwa katika eneo lile kuna wavuvi, lakini cha kushangaza mpaka sasa hawajatekeleza ahadi yao,” anasema Salim.

Naye Bakari Yusuf mvuvi mwenye umri wa miaka 48 mwenye familia ya watu watano, alisema walianza kuona meli hizo katika eneo la bahari yao zamani. “Nakumbuka tangu mwaka 2004, meli hizi zilianza kuja katika eneo letu la bahari, lakini zilikuwa zinakuja na kuondoka. Na sisi wakati huo tulikuwa tunaendelea na uvuvi wa samaki bila bughudha,” anasema Yusuf.

“Lakini cha ajabu,” anaendelea kusema, “mwaka huu meli hizi zimekazana kuja na kuweka kambi katika eneo letu la bahari ambalo tulikuwa tunavua na kujipatia kipato kwa ajili ya familia zetu.

“Kwa sasa tunavua eneo jingine ambalo upatikanaji wa samaki ni kidogo sana.”

Yusuf naye anazungumzia ahadi iliyowahi kutolewa kwao ya kuletewa taa kwa ajili ya kuzitumia nyakati za usiku ili wakiwa wanapita na meli zao wajue kwamba yule anayeonekana katika eneo hilo la bahari ni mvuvi. Kuwepo kwa taa hizo kungeweza kusaidia manahodha wa meli hizo kupita mbali na maeneo ya wavuvi.

Karibu kila siku meli zinapita katika maeneo hayo zikiwa zinaleta wafanyakazi kwenye eneo la utafiti na halafu kurudi bandarini Mtwara.

Kwa upande wake, Rajabu Mchaila anasema kwa siku alikuwa anavua matenga 10 ya samaki. “Lakini toka nihamie kipande hiki kingine navua samaki ndoo moja, na wakati mwingine nusu ndoo, jambo ambalo linaniathiri sana,” anasema Mchaila.

Mvuvi huyo anasema anadhani serikali imedhamiria kuwaua “maana tunavua kwa hofu. Zamani tulikuwa sisi tulikuwa peke yetu. Hatukuwa tunabughudhiwa na mtu yeyote bila kubughuziwa na mtu. Lakini sasa wametunyang’anya shamba ambalo tulikuwa tunalitegemea na hatujuia wanamaliza lini kazi yao,” alisema Mchaila.

Kuhusu kama wananchi hao wanafahamu juu ya uwezekano wa uwepo wa mafuta katika eneo lao, Lupacho Yusufu mwenye umri wa miaka 41 anasema hana taarifa yeyote juu ya hilo.

“Ila anasikia, kupitia kwa watu, kwamba kuna zoezi. Lakini hatujawahi kuambiwa kama katika eneo letu hili kuna hiyo kazi. Ila huwa naziona meli kubwa zinapaki katika eneo hili la bahari yetu, na wakati mwingine, meli hizo huondoka na kurudi baadaye,” anasema Yusufu.

Yusufu alihoji kwanini meli hizo zilikuwa zinfanya utafiti wa mafuta katika eneo hilo bila wao kupewa taarifa.

“Tunasikia juu juu. Lakini hutuna taarifa yoyote. Jambo hili sio nzuri, tuna haki ya kuelezwa nini kinaendelea katika eneo letu la bahari,” Yusufu anasema kwa msisitizo mkubwa.

Naye Mwalimu Selemani Sonka mkazi wa Kijiji cha Msangamkuu anakubali kusikia zoezi la utafutaji wa mafuta katika eneo lao. “Nakumbuka toka 2003-2004, nilikuwa naziona meli zikipitapita. Lakini toka ulivyoanza mwaka huu wa 2014, meli hizo zimeweka nanga katika kina kirefu ambako hapo awali wavuvi wetu walikuwa wanavua samaki na sasa wameondolewa,’’ anasema Sonka.

Naye Zaituni Nguli, mwenye umri wa miaka 29, alisema, “dada mimi hata sijui meli hizo zinatafuta mafuta au gesi. Nasikia tu watu hapa kijijini wakizungumza kuwa meli mnazoziona zinafanya utafiti wa mafuta. Lakini la kusikitisha ni kwamba hata uongozi wa Serikali ya kijiji au wilaya haujawahi kuitisha mkutano na kutuambia nini kinachoendelea hapa,” anasema Nguli kwa masikitiko makubwa.

Naye Bwatam Mohamed ambaye pia ni mkazi wa kijiji cha Msangamkuu alisema la,a wananchi walikuwa hawajashirikishwa juu ya utafutaji wa mafuta unaodaiwa kuendelea katika eneo la bahari yao.

“Tunasikia tu kuna hayo mambo, yaani tunapelekwapelekwa tu, utazani sisi siyo wananchi wa Msangamkuu ambao tunapaswa kushirikishwa kwa kila hatua, lakini wapi tunaona tu.”

Mohamed anasema meli hizo tunaziona sana hapa, labda kama hiyo taarifa imetolewa mjini yaani kule wilayani, lakini huku hakuna kabisa anayejua, maana mimi ni mtu mzima na naishi hapa na kama kuna jambo lolote lazima ningelijua tu,” anasema Mohamed.

Naye Pili Rajabu anasema hapo kijijini kwao hawana taarifa, kwanini watuambie, tunaumuhimu gani kwa serikali?” anauliza.

Na kuendelea, “wao wanafanya mambo yao kwa kuwa ndio kila kitu! Hawajui kama sisi wananchi pia tunahaki ya kuambiwa ili tujue kinachoendelea katika kijiji chetu. Wanataka huku pia tupigane kama ilivyokuwa suala la gesi Mtwara. Mambo yalianzia kama hivi, wananchi hawakupewa taarifa kama ilivyokuwa inatakiwa.”

Pili alisema hata wavuvi walikuwa wamesogezwa mbali ili kupisha meli hizo za utafiti.

“Na ardhi ya huku, kama unavyoiona, huwezi kulima chochote,” Pili alisema.

Mwenyekiti wa kijiji cha Msangamkuu, Ali Mohamed Afandi, anasema taarifa ya kusema kuna utafutaji wa mafuta katika eneo hilo la bahari yao zilifika ofisini kwake Januari Mosi, mwaka 2014.

Afandi anasema walipata barua ambayo iliwaambia kuwa eneo la bahari yao ilidhaniwa kuhifadhi mafuta. “hivyo tukiona meli zikirandaranda katika eneo hilo tusishangae,” alisema Afandi.

Hata hivyo Afandi alikiri kuwa wananchi wake walikuwa bado hawajui lolote maana hakuna mkutano ulioitishwa na Serikali ya kijiji walau wilaya kuzungumzia suala hilo.

Mwenyekiti huyo wa kijiji alisema: “Ndugu mwandishi, mimi nashangaa sana kama kweli wanataka kushirikisha wananchi si wangewaambia? Mpaka sasa hawajawaambia. Wanadhani na sisi Serikali ya kijiji tufanye nini, maana sisi sio wataalamu. Wao ndio wanajua, ingekuwa vizuri wakaja hapa wakaitisha mikutano ya mara kwa mara ya kuwaelewesha wananchi ili nao wajue kinachoendelea. Lakini hapa kijijini watu wengi hawajui kinachoendelea zaidi ya kuziona meli hizo,” alisema Afandi.

Kaimu afisa mtendaji wa kijiji cha Msangamkuu, Juma Makuza Selemani alisema ni kweli sisi kama uongozi wa kijiji taarifa hiyo tunayo baada ya kuletewa barua ambayo ndani yake kuna hizo taarifa za kuendelea kwa utafutaji wa mafuta kunakofanywa na meli katika eneo hili la bahari.

Naye kaimu mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya Mtwara, Osca Ng’itu, ambaye ni mwanasheria wa halmashauri hiyo, anakiri kuwepo kwa meli za utafiti kwenye Kijiji cha Msangamkuu kuwepo kwa meli za utafiti wa mafuta.

Mkurugenzi huyo anakiri kupeleka barua ofisi ya kijijii kwa ajili ya kuwajulisha viongozi wa eneo hilo juu ya ujio wa meli hizo kwa nini ya viongozi hao sasa kuwaelimisha wananchi wao juu ya suala hilo.

Habari na Martina Ngulumbi
Chanzo - Mwananchi

Mchakato wa ujenzi ‘flyover’ Tazara waanza

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Dar es Salaam. Tatizo la foleni katika jiji la Dar es Salaam, limeanza kupatiwa dawa baada ya Serikali ya Tanzania na Japan kutiliana saini mkataba wa ujenzi wa barabara za juu (flyover) katika makutano ya Barabara ya Mandela na Nyerere.

Akizungumza baada ya kutiliana saini, Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Fedha, Dk Servacius Likwelile alisema Japan imeiongezea Tanzania Sh5.64 bilioni, baada ya kiasi cha Sh52.55 bilioni kilichotolewa Juni 18, 2013 kutofikia kiwango kinachotakiwa na makandarasi kwa ajili ya ujenzi wa njia hiyo ya juu.

Sambamba na mradi huo, pia nchi hizo zimetiliana saini mkataba mwingine wa kuboresha usambazaji wa umeme katika jiji la Dar es Salaam kwa kujenga vituo vidogo katika maeneo ya Mwananyamala, Muhimbili na Jangwani Beach.

Miradi hiyo itakayogharimu jumla ya Sh77.5 bilioni na inafadhiliwa na Serikali ya Japan, chini ya Shirika la Maendeleo la Japan (Jica).

“Kama mnavyojua, barabara na nishati ndiyo nguzo katika ukuaji wa uchumi. Msaada huu utatuwezesha kuongeza kasi katika kuimarisha uwekezaji katika sekta ya hizi. Pia, zitachochea maendeleo katika maeneo mengine,” alisema na kuongeza kuwa kiasi kingine cha Sh71.9 bilioni kimetolewa kwa ajili ya kusaidia usambazaji wa umeme jijini Dar es Salaam ili kukabiliana na changamoto zinazojitokeza na kukwamisha shughuli mbalimbali za uzalishaji.

Kuhusu barabara hiyo, Balozi wa Japan nchini, Masaki Okada alisema Serikali yake imeongeza fedha ili kukabiliana na upungufu wa bajeti uliosababishwa na kushuka kwa thamani ya fedha pamoja na ongezeko la bei ya vifaa vya ujenzi.

Alisema mkataba na mkandarasi unatazamiwa kutiwa saini Septemba mwaka huu na ujenzi wa barabara hiyo utaanza muda mfupi baadaye.

Mwakilishi Jica nchini, Yasunori Onishi alisema sekta ya usafirishaji ni moja ya shughuli kubwa wanazozifanya nchini ili kuleta maendeleo.

Alisema shirika lake limekuwa likitekeleza miradi mbalimbali ya kupunguza msongamano katika Jiji la Dar es Salaam kwa miaka 30 sasa, ikiwamo ujenzi wa Daraja la Salenda ulioanza mwaka 1980. “Jica pia tulisaidia kuundwa kwa mpango mkuu wa sera na mfumo wa usafirishaji katika jiji la Dar es Salaam mwaka 2007 na 2008. Hata hivyo, katika utafiti wetu, tulipendekeza kipaumbele kielekezwe katika makutano ya Tazara,” alisema Onishi.

Alisema mradi wa ujenzi wa barabara ya juu eneo hilo la Tazara, unatarajiwa kuwanufaisha zaidi ya watu milioni mbili wanaofanya safari zao kila siku kutoka Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere (JNIA) kwenda katikati ya jiji. Pia alisema barabara hiyo itapunguza kwa asilimia 30, muda unaotumika kusafiri katika umbali huo kutoka dakika 37 hadi dakika 25.

“Tumejipanga kikamilifu kutekeleza maazimio tuliyosaini leo. Naiomba Serikali pia itimize wajibu wake katika kuhakikisha kuwa fedha zilizotolewa zinatumika katika mambo yaliyokusudiwa,” alisema.

Onishi alisema Jica ina dhamira ya dhati kuisaidia Serikali ikiwamo upanuzi wa Barabara ya Bagamoyo (Mwenge - Tegeta) ambayo ujenzi wake utakamilika mwisho wa mwezi huu.

Alisema kipande kingine cha Morocco – Mwenge bado kinafanyiwa usanifu na ujenzi wake utafanyika katika awamu ya pili inayotarajiwa kuanza Septemba mwaka huu.

Habari na Peter Elias
Chanzo - Mwananchi
  • Vatican said Pope had 'a very affectionate' meeting with Meriam Ibrahim, 27
  • Her stay in Italian was organised by the Italian government
  • Meriam and her family were living in the US embassy in Khartoum
  • They are said to be in good health and will stay in Italy for a few days 
  • Meriam gave birth to two-month-old Maya chained up in prison
Meriam Ibrahim meets Pope Francis with her daughter Maya in her arms, in his Santa Marta residence, at the Vatican. The Christian mother was put on death row for refusing to become a Muslim

Ms Ibrahim and her husband, Daniel Wani, right, walk through the Vatican with the Pope 

The Sudanese woman was sentenced to death in Sudan for refusing to recant her Christian faith

Meriam Ibrahim, from Sudan, disembarks with her daughter Maya in her arms, and Martin, accompanied by Italian deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli, after landing Ciampino's military airport, on the outskirts of Rome  

 Daniel Wani (right), the wheelchair-bound husband of Meriam, after the family flew from Sudan

   Fight for love: Daniel Wani, an American citizen, has been fighting for his wife and children's release from Sudan

Support network: Meriam poses hours after her release in June with her husband, Daniel (left) and her children, Martin (on Daniel's knee) and baby Maya and all those who bravely fought for her freedom 

Pope Francis has met privately with a Sudanese mother in Rome who was put on death row for refusing to become a Muslim, blessing both her and the baby she had while in prison.

The Vatican said Pope Francis had 'a very affectionate' meeting with Meriam Ibrahim, 27, her husband and their two small children. 

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said: 'The Pope thanked Meriam and her family for their courageous witness and constancy of faith. For her part, Meriam expressed gratitude to the Pope for the great support and comfort she received from his prayers and from so many others believers of good will.'

He blessed Ms Ibrahim as she held her baby daughter Maya in her arms whom she gave birth to in prison two months ago.

Ms Ibrahim, and her family touched down at Rome's Ciampino airport at around 9.30am on a plane provided by the Italian government.

She was greeted at the airport by Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, his wife Agnese and Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini.

The mother-of-two was accompanied on the flight by Italy’s Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli, who met with Meriam on July 3 and has been following the case closely.

He told journalists he had been in 'constant dialogue' with Sudan but did not give any more details on Rome's role in securing her exit.

Mr Pistelli published a photograph on his Facebook page of himself with Ms Ibrahim and her two children on the plane with the caption: 'A couple of minutes away from Rome. Mission accomplished.'

He also told reporters at the airport that the family was in good health and would stay in Italy for a few days before departing for the U.S.

The minister, who carried one of Ibrahim's young children off the plane, said he expected her to have 'some important meetings' during her time in Italy. 

Ms Ibrahim's stay in Italy was organised by the Italian government in collaboration with the Sudanese government.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mr Wani's brother Gabriel said: ‘It’s beautiful news. All the hard work has paid off. I want to thank everyone who helped to free her.

‘It’s just wonderful. I don’t have to worry any more. It’s over.'

Lutz Oette, counsel for UK-based campaign group Redress, which fought for Dr Ibrahim’s release, said: ‘We very much welcome the news. But it’s an indictment of Sudan’s criminal law that Meriam Ibrahim had to face prosecution for being who she is. 

‘She, and others like her, have been forced to leave the country for being different, dealing a further blow to Sudan’s traditions of tolerance and diversity . It is now time for Sudan to see to it that Meriam and her family receive justice for all their suffering’.

Among those who have tirelessly campaigned for Meriam’s freedom have been Hardwired, a US based religious freedom campaign group.

Its founder Tina Ramirez said: ‘Despite the many obstacles put in this family's path, we can now celebrate their freedom.’

Hardwired also spoke to Meriam's lawyer in Sudan, El Shareef Ali, who praised the Italian government for playing a key role in getting her freed.

‘The Italians had the greatest influence on Sudan and were able to secure her release,' he said.
Hardwired added that charges against Meriam are still open in Sudan and it is unclear what will happen to the cases.

Her original death sentence for apostasy is now with the Supreme Court in Khartoum.

She also faces additional charges for falsifying documents and a new case filed by her family which seeks to annul her marriage.

El Shareef said: ‘We will continue to challenge the case at the Supreme Court and seek a decision that recognises the apostasy law as inconsistent with international law and the Sudanese Constitution so no one else is harmed by these kind of charges.’

Miss Ramirez said that during Meriam’s time in prison the British embassy coordinated meetings with her lawyers.

Other countries also helped including the Canadian Embassy which donated an air conditioning unit.

The case drew worldwide attention in May when she was sentenced to death over charges of apostasy. A daughter of a Muslim father, Ms Ibrahim was raised by her Christian mother.

She married her husband, who holds American citizenship and is also a citizen of South Sudan, in a church ceremony in 2011.

As in many Muslim nations, Muslim women in Sudan are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, though Muslim men can marry outside their faith. By law, children must follow their father's religion. 

Sudan's penal code forbids Muslims from converting to other religions, a crime punishable by death. 
The court in the capital, Khartoum, had also ordered Ms Ibrahim be given 100 lashes for having sexual relations with her husband.

When she asserted that she was in fact Christian she was then accused of apostasy. Following the conviction Meriam was then forced to give birth to her daughter Maya in prison.

Although she was freed, she was initially prevented from leaving the country.

Since June 26 she has been staying at the American embassy in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, according to Corriere della Sera.

Meriam's case attracted international attention and the governments of the UK, the US and the United Nations all called for her to be freed.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were also among those demanding she be released after MailOnline highlighted her plight, as was human rights campaigner Mia Farrow.  

Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, who mentioned Ibrahim during his speech inaugurating Italy’s six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union, has also expressed his outrage.

'If there is no European reaction we are not worthy of calling ourselves Europe,' Mr Renzi said.
Meriam's arrival in the Italian capital follows a European Parliament resolution condemning her 'degrading and inhumane treatment' and calling for legal reforms in Sudan.

Olivia Warham, director of campaign group Waging Peace, said: 'As we celebrate Meriam Ibrahim's long-overdue freedom we should also remember the millions of her fellow Sudanese Christians who daily face brutality and ethnic cleansing by the Sudanese regime.

'Three years ago President Bashir made it plain there would be no room for non-Muslims in his Islamist Sudan.
'He has been good to his word, crushing dissent and systematically killing ethnic and religious minorities.
'Regular aerial bombardment by the Sudanese armed forces destroys communities and Christian hospitals, forcing people to flee from their fields to hide in the Nuba mountains.

'It is shocking that Bashir's ideology of elimination provokes nothing more than the occasional words of regret from the international community, when we should be applying targeted smart sanctions on the architects of these atrocities.'

2011: Meriam Ibrahim marries Daniel Wani after they meet when the American visits Khartoum.
August 2013: A relative alleges that her marriage to Wani, a Christian, constitutes adultery. Wani is accused of converting a Muslim, leading Ibrahim to also be accused of adultery.
February 17, 2014: Meriam is transferred prison with her 20-month-old son Martin and separated from her husband.
March 4: Court charges Meriam with apostasy and adultery
April 30: Meriam is convicted of all charges and is given 15 days to recant her beliefs.
May 11: She is sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging. 
May 27: Meriam gives birth to a baby girl, Maya, in prison. According to her husband, Ibrahim's legs were kept in chains while she was in labour. 
June 8: A Sudanese appeals court has started deliberating on Meriam's case.
June 12: Demonstrators gather outside the White House to demand Meriam be freed.
June 23: Meriam is released from prison.
June 24: Less than 24 hours later, Meriam and her husband were arrested at a Sudanese airport as they sought to leave the country with their two children.
July 24: After intense negotiations, Italy’s Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli secures the family's release and flies to Rome with them.